Friday, September 2, 2011

Venice Film Festival: A Dangerous Method Reviews

So as I expected, David Cronenberg's latest A Dangerous Method seems to be diving critics already, but to be honest I didn't expect it too be the critical favorite of the year. But it does seem that if its road to Oscar is going to be a little bumpy, with Kiera Knightley being the stand out that may have the staying power. Here is a look at some of the reviews:

Todd McCarthy from Variety appreciated it a lot:

"Cronenberg's direction is at one with the writer’s diamond-hard rigor; cinematographer Peter Suschitzky provides visuals of a pristine purity augmented by the immaculate fin de l’epoch settings, while the editing has a bracing sharpness than can only be compared to Kubrick’s."

Guy Lodge from In Contention was mixed, and was not fond of Fassbender:

"As if terrified into submission by his co-star’s entrance, Fassbender spends the rest of the film quizzically underplaying, his Jung permanently considering his words before releasing them so tightly he can suck them back in through his teeth if required; he gives the film a solid spine, but it’s the more relaxed, sardonic delivery of Mortensen — plus Vincent Cassel, in a relishable cameo as a sex-addicted patient offering Jung seductive arguments for polygamy — that provides the film with its most immediate pleasures."

Xan Brooks of The Guardian (UK) was not too fond of it at all:
"A Dangerous Method feels heavy and lugubrious. It is a tale that comes marinated in port and choked on pipe-smoke. You long for it to hop down from the couch, throw open the windows and run about in the garden."

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