Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Will Win/Should Win - Margo Martindale "Justified"
Could Win - Archie Panjabi "The Good Wife", Christina Hendricks "Mad Men", or Michelle Forbes "The Killing"

Commentary - So this is a category that is always full of surprises (just look at Panjabi's win last year, or Cherry Jones, or Blythe Danner), so while many pundits, including myself, have narrowed in on one performance that is leagues above its competitors, there is no guarantee in this category. However, there are a few I think I can rule out. Christine Baranski is fantastic as always, but her episode is awfully similar to the one she submitted last year, as it highlights her relationship with Gary Cole's character, but neither of them, while good, really show off a range or have a big moment in them which has a tendency to woo voters. Kelly MacDonald is in a similar boat as well. Her episode is lacking to say the least, which is a shame considering she was great all season in Boardwalk. But the four remaining, at least in my humble opinion, all have a shot. Christina Hendricks should have won last year, and while her episode is great, if she couldn't do it before, I don't see how she does it this time. Michelle Forbes has a real shot at upsetting this year, as her character is the grieving mother of a lost and murdered child, something that is emotional and can have an impact on voters. Also don't forget about Archie Panjabi. She actually had a lot more to do this season, and her episode submission is actually better than last seasons, so she could easily win again. But this time she has to go up against Margo Martindale. I was surprised when she actually got in, because the popular ballot has a terrible tendency to leave out performances like hers. But by God she made it through, and her episode is so far above her competitors its not even funny. I think the panels will recognize her incredible ability, and give her the Emmy.


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  2. I completely agree with your thoughts on Martindale. I really hope she wins. I am predicting her to win but, as you said, you never know with this category