Friday, September 9, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Best Special Class Program

Will Win/Should Win - The 64th Annual Tony Awards
Could Win - The 68th Golden Globe Awards

Commentary - The Grammys most likely won't win because every year there is a complaint about the length, the lack of actual awards presented, and the lack of a host. The Oscars should not win, and probably won't because the reviews for it were not stellar, particularly the lack of enthusiasm by James Franco, and the terrible writing that was handed to him and his co-host. The Golden Globes have a shot, although Ricky Gervais was slammed for his cruelty. That being said,  I think all of them will be playing second fiddle to the Tony Awards, with Sean Hayes hosting, and it being a huge success. On a prophetic note, I think it will also win next year with Neil Patrick Harris as the host, as both he and Hayes proved what it takes to actually be good at it.

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