Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Will Win/Should Win - Steve Carell "The Office"
Could Win - Jim Parsons "The Big Bang Theory" or Louis C.K. "Louie"

Commentary - Is it finally time for Steve Carell to win his Emmy? While the Academy never feels as sentimental and nostalgic as us fans do, I think this time around I think everyone will agree. Johnny Galecki finally got a nomination alongside his co-star Jim Parsons. While I think his episode is actually really funny, I don't think he yet has the clout to carry it to a surprise victory. Matt LeBlanc got a surprising nod for Episodes (okay not that surprising, but still not predicted), but his episode is basically a version of himself, and Episodes simply does not have the buzz that say Friends did when he got so many nominations in the earlier part of this decade. For me he is in a far sixth place. Alec Baldwin has won this category mutiple times, but I think his Emmy train, at least for 30 Rock, has left the station. Louis C.K surprised a lot of people when he got a nomination, and then got three others in different categories, showing that he is a rising star on the Emmy radar. Plus his episode is pretty funny, if you are into his kind of comedy. While I think he is not going to win, he could be a dark horse surprise if things fall his way. Jim Parsons is probably the biggest threat to Carell as he won last year, and every episode of The Big Bang Theory is hilarious, but I think between the sentimentality of Carell never winning, plus his episode submission, which actually shows a softer side, could finally be the winning combination.

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