Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Will Win - Jane Lynch "Glee"
Could Win - Betty White "Hot in Cleveland"
Should Win - Julie Bowen "Modern Family"

Commentary - This is an interesting category, with all six of my predictions (and most peoples) getting in. Now it all comes down to which one has the best shot of pulling off the win. Kristin Wiig had a big year, not only in terms of another Emmy nomination, but in terms of her talent being on full display in Bridesmaids, which gave her a lot of good press. But her episode this year, wihch is definitely her best, is still not enough to get her that win. Plus she is outshined by her guest star Jane Lynch, who I will get back to in a moment. Jane Krakowski is consistenly funny on 30 Rock, and while her episode is funny, I think the Emmys have moved off of the show for good despite a pretty good season. Sofia Vergara is usually pretty good, but in her episode submission she does not get the screentime she needs nad is outshined by her other co-star Julie Bowen. Which leads me to the point that Bowen could be a dark horse contender. Between her own stellar episode and her talent in Vergara's she will have double exposure.  But really it comes down to two Emmy-winning veterans who both have a pretty good shot. Betty White is a legend, and her crackling chemistry with former co-star Mary Tyler Moore certaintly provides the laughs, so a win from her would be as shocking as Marsika Hargitary getting nominated again for SVU. But Betty has two things going against her. One, Hot in Cleveland did not do as well with nominations as many predicted, and if anyone other than Betty White had gotten that role, it might have walked away empty handed. But the most important factor is Jane Lynch. Her particular episode is overly dramatic revolving around the death of her sister. But you combine that with her SNL episode which Kristen Wiig submitted, plus her exposure as host, and Jane Lynch has the most screentime and most range of any of these six ladies. While Betty could easily win this, I think that the episode submissions will favor a two-peat for the incredibly talented Jane Lynch.

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