Thursday, September 15, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Will Win/Should Win - Jon Hamm "Mad Men"
Could Win - Steve Buscemi "Boardwalk Empire", Kyle Chandler "Friday Night Lights"

Commentary - So finally, Jon Hamm gets a break from Bryan Cranston, the question is, can he pull it off? There are a few people I think we can eliminate without fault right off the back. Timothy Olyphant surprisingly, and deservingly got a nomination for Justified, but his role is not as flashy, nor his show as popular as some of the other contenders, so I don't know if he can strike gold on his first time out. Also subtle is Michael C. Hall, who, despite playing a serial killer, seems as if he will never win an Emmy for this role. Hugh Laurie has an over the top flashy role as House, but if he couldn't win last year for his insane asylum episode submission, I don't think he will ever win an Emmy. There are three left however who I could legitimately see winning the prize. Kyle Chandler is an outside to say the least, but the sentimentality and always wonderful episodes he submits, may be enough to pull off an upset. Steve Buscemi is really on the radar after Boardwalk swept the Creative Arts Emmys, and while I think he is still second place, his name being called would not be surprising. But it all comes back to Jon Hamm. Without Bryan Cranston, I think this is finally his year. His episode, The Suitcase, is marvelous for him, and the fact that he has not won yet will weigh heavily on the minds of voters.

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