Saturday, September 10, 2011

Emmy Predicitons: Best Reality Show

Will Win - Deadliest Catch
Should Win - Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List
Could Win - Kathy Griffin or Hoarders

Commentary - When Deadliest Catch moved to this category, it must have known what it was doing because it is now in a pretty good position to actually take home the prize. There are a few I think I can leave out, including Antiques Roadshow, and to a lesser extent, Undercover Boss and Mythbusters. But both Hoarders and Kathy Griffin have a decent shot. Hoarders, like Deadliest Catch is a highly discusses show in popular discourse, and probably will be relatable to some people. And while D-List has not been as effective in recent seasons, it has won this awards twice, and for my money it is still the best of the bunch. However, I still think that the entertaining and exciting Deadliest Catch will end up taking the prize over its competitors.

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