Friday, September 23, 2011

State of the Race: September Predictions - Best Supporting Actress

My Predictions
Sandra Bullock "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"
Jessica Chastain "The Help"
Vanessa Redgrave "Coriolanus"
Octavia Spencer "The Help"
Shailene Woodley "The Descendants"

Other Contenders - Kiera Knightley "A Dangerous Method", Carey Mulligan "Shame", Judi Dench "J. Edgar", Berenice Bojo "The Artist", Janet McTeer "Albert Nobbs", Bryce Dallas Howard "The Help", Jessica Chastain "Tree of Life", Jessica Chastain "Take Shelter", Naomi Watts "J. Edgar", Marion Cotillard "Midnight in Paris", Kate Winslet "Carnage", Evan Rachel Wood "The Ides of March", Marisa Tomei "The Ides of March", Emily Watson "War Horse", Melissa McCarthy "Bridesmaids", Anna Kendrick "50/50", Emma Watson "My Week With Marilyn"

Commentary - This category, unlike its Best Supporting Actor counterpart, has a lot of contenders, but they have either not been seen, or if they have, we're not sure what the Academy will think. There is one thing I do know: someone from The Help could easily get in, and if I were betting my money it would be on Octavia Spencer, who is hilarious and emotional, and a true scene stealer in a huge ensemble piece. Viola Davis could also get in depending on where they put her, right now I personally have her in the Lead category. I also think Jessica Chastain has a great shot, considering how many awesome performances she has had, The Help being her most dynamic, and the most popular, although she is definitely not a secure as Spencer. Vanessa Redgrave is apparently great in Coriolanus, and her legendary status could help her a lot. But to be honest the film is getting so-so reviews, and may not have the muscle to sustain through the long season. Shailene Woodley is awful on the Secret Life of the American Teenager, so I was pleasantly shocked when I read that she is simply fantastic in Alexander Payne's latest, The Descendants. Younger actresses have done better in this category compared to lead, and if this film is as well-liked by the Academy as I think it will be, then she could be the season's breakout star. Finally I am going into the unknown, with the pick of Sandra Bullock. Stephen Daldry's films are well liked, and if there is still good will from her Blind Side win, I could see her getting in.

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