Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie/Miniseries

Will Win - Maggie Smith "Downton Abbey"
Should Win - Evan Rachel Wood "Mildred Pierce"
Could Win - Wood, Leo, or even Atkins

Commentary - I could see this race going a couple of ways, although in my opinion, there are two ahead of the pack. Mare Winningham surprisingly got a nomination for Mildred Pierce, and while I am thrilled that she did, I don't think she has a shot, especially with two more high profile competitors from her own miniseries right along side her. Eileen Atkins is a legend, and has won an Emmy before, but between the two legendary British actresses, I think she is in second place. Melissa Leo is hot off an Oscar win, and could be a dark horse winner, but she doesn't do a whole lot in Mildred Pierce, compared to Wood. Speaking of Evan Rachel Wood, she was devishly good in Mildred Pierce as Pierce's evil daughter Veda, and while she is young, she certaintly commands the screen when she is on it and holds her own against Kate Winslet. That being said though, I think that the biggest screen stealer of this category was the great Maggie Smith. In Downton Abbey, which could be a dark horse for the big category, she is fiery and fantastic, and the Emmys love to honor a legend. Just beware the Mildred Pierce sweep, which could take all the major categories it is nominated for, including this one for one of its three choices.

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