Friday, September 16, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Best Comedy Series

Will Win - Modern Family
Should Win - Parks & Recreation
Could Win - Glee, Parks & Rec, The Office

Commentary - While its not yet written in stone, one show is full steam ahead of the others, and will require a major upset to be defeated. This show is not 30 Rock. While the Emmys loved the show in its early years, and will probably continue to nominate it for eternity, I don't think it has a shot in hell of actually winning this year. The Big Bang Theory finally got into the top category, but without major directing or writing nods, and the fact that the Emmys are just starting to realize how good it is, makes me think it will need to wait a couple of years to finally have a shot at the prize. The Office has won before, and this year's storyline, especially with the exit of Steve Carell, may play into the Academy's sentiment. Parks and Recreation is the funniest show on TV, and I am thrilled it got a nod. But it has no other major nods with the execption of Amy Poehler, so I just don't think it has enough broad based support to upset. Love or hate Glee, I personally think it is uneven, so I really like it sometimes, and have to change the channels other, it is a pop culture phenomenon. And while its nomination haul this year was significantly less, it submitted some great episodes and people may not realize just how uneven Season 2 was, and actually vote for it. But the show I was speaking of in the beginning was of course Modern Family. All six of its adult characters got nominations, it cleaned up in the directing/writing categories, and although it didn't kill at the Creative Arts Emmys, I have no doubt it will clean up come Sunday.

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