Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 5th Annual Halfway Awards: Nominees

I cannot believe it has been five years since I started this blog. It is also hard to believe that half of a year has gone by. That means it is time for the annual Halfway Awards celebrating the best films so far (that I have actually seen, sorry I haven't made it to any film festivals, so these basically cover those released between January 1st and June 30th). Here are the nominees below:

Best Picture
Before Midnight
The Bling Ring
Frances Ha
The Place Beyond the Pines
Side Effects 

Best Director
Noah Baumbach “Frances Ha”
Derek Cianfrance “The Place Beyond the Pines”
Sofia Coppola “The Bling Ring”
Richard Linklater “Before Midnights
Jeff Nichols “Mud”
Steven Soderbergh “Side Effects”

Best Actor
Ryan Gosling “The Place Beyond the Pines”
Ethan Hawke “Before Midnight
Jude Law “Side Effects”
Nick Robinson “The Kings of Summer”
Tye Sheridan “Mud”
Terrence Stamp “Unfinished Song”

Best Actress
Julie Delpy “Before Midnight
Elle Fanning “Ginger and Rosa”
Greta Gerwig “Frances Ha”
Rooney Mara “Side Effects”
Melissa McCarthy “The Heat”
Emma Watson “The Bling Ring”

Best Supporting Actor
Bradley Cooper “The Place Beyond the Pines”
Benedict Cumberbatch “Star Trek Into Darkness”
Adam Driver “Frances Ha”
Joel Edgerton “The Great Gatsby”
Ben Kingsley “Iron Man 3”
Matthew McConaughey “Mud”

Best Supporting Actress
Onata Aprile “What Maisie Knew”
Nicole Kidman “Stoker”
Eva Mendes “The Place Beyond the Pines”
Vanessa Redgrave “Unfinished Song”
Rachel Weisz “Oz The Great and Powerful”
Catherine Zeta-Jones “Side Effects”

Best Screenplay
Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig “Frances Ha”
Scott Z. Burns “Side Effects”
Sofia Coppola “The Bling Ring”
Derek Cianfrance, Ben Coccio, and Darius Marder “The Place Beyond the Pines”
Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy “Before Midnight
Jeff Nichols “Mud”

Best Ensemble
The Bling Ring
The Kings of Summer
The Place Beyond the Pines
Side Effects
This is the End

Best Animated Feature
The Croods
Monsters University

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  1. Good choices. This is a really good idea, making an awards for halfway through the year. I like the Before Midnight and Side Effects love.

    Here's Mine.