Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Drama Series

2013 Nomination Predictions
1. Breaking Bad
2. Homeland
3. Game of Thrones
4. Mad Men
5. Downton Abbey
6. House of Cards

Other Contenders - The Americans, Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom, The Good Wife, Nashville, Dexter, Scandal, Justified.
Commentary - Once again, this is another tough race with so many possible contenders. That being said, I am feeling pretty confident about five of the six, leaving potentially four to five shows battling it out for one slot. Three shows are definitely locks and will probably be the frontrunners for the win. Homeland surprised a lot of people last year when it won, but this year it will be no surprise when it re-enters the race as the frontunner. This year though, the stars are aligning for two contenders that I would never have thought could win the top prize, but now I think this could be their year. Game of Thrones may have some dragons, but otherwise it feels like a nice period piece, and has had the most buzz and most press for its season, which also happened to air close to voting time. I think it could be a really strong contender this year. But I think that this is the year Breaking Bad finally takes the top prize. Its final episodes will be airing voters mark their ballots, it has an enormous amount of buzz, and the final season is sure to spark some emotional reactions. Also, it has done better and better each year in terms of nominations, and I think that Homeland is not as strong as say Mad Men was on its streak. Speaking of, both Downton Abbey and Mad Men, which were huge at the Emmys before, are in much weaker positions this year. I still expect both to do well, but both are the two that could be eclipsed by some stiff competition. That leaves one slot. Boardwalk Empire is a favorite among the technical categories, but most pundits have written it off. Not a smart move on our part. The Good Wife is still broadcast's greatest chance of getting in. It may have missed the cut last year, but the sting of having no shows may cause voters from the major networks to rally behind this show and get back into the fold. But I think that the last slot will come down to three new shows. The Americans is a latecomer to the race and I may end up putting in in tomorrow's final list. The Newsroom may have not done well with the critics, but it is an Aaron Sorkin show, an HBO show, and is highly political. So is House of Cards, and it features film stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, and one of the best film directors working today, David Fincher. The star power behind it, along with the clever campaigning, and the political storylines will be enough for it to overcome its Netflix medium and make the cut.


  1. Will Breaking Bad be eligible next year with the remaining episodes airing in August?

  2. Yes it will, but I think that because they are airing as the voters vote, that it will feel like the last season to them, leading to a victory. If not then it will have one more chance.