Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Nomination Predictions: Supporting Actor/Actress Comedy

SUPPORTING ACTOR, COMEDY SERIES: Jon Cryer "Two and a Half Men", Kevin Dillon "Entourage", Neil Patrick Harris "How I Met Your Mother", Jack McBrayer "30 Rock", Tracy Morgan "30 Rock", Rainn Wilson "The Office"
  • REACTION: Great to see the inclusion of Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan, I thought the supporting players were never going to get recognition (also see Jane K. below). I still don't understand all the Jon Cryer love, but to each his own. The biggest shock was the exclusion of Jeremy Piven, although personally I agree with it. But it is shocking to go from three-time winner to nothing.
  • SNUBS: John Corbett "The United States of Tara", John Krasinski "The Office", Jeremy Piven "Entourage", Kurtwood Smith "The Office",
  • WINNER: FINALLY! Neil Patrick Harris takes home the gold/hosts.

SUPPORTING ACTRESS, COMEDY SERIES: Kristin Chenoweth "Pushing Daisies", Amy Poehler "Saturday Night Live", Jane Krakowski "30 Rock", Elizabeth Perkins "Weeds", Kristin Wiig "Saturday Night Live", Vanessa Williams "Ugly Betty"

  • REACTION: Interesting to see Kristin Chenoweth, despite the Pushing Daisies crash and burn. Two SNL actresses finally get their due. And then of course, the usual suspects. But the best part is the inclusion of Jane Krakowski, she definately deserves it. Suprised to see no Jean Smart (Reigning Champ) or TaaHM ladies. I knew it was a longshot, but I would have loved to seen Nicollette Sheridan honored for her last and memorable season on Desperate Housewives. Also the Jenna Fischer snub is awful, just awful.
  • SNUBS: Dana Delaney "Desperate Housewives", Conchata Ferrell "Two and a Half Men", Jenna Fischer "The Office", Nicollette Sheridan "Desperate Housewives", Jean Smart "Samantha Who?", Holland Taylor "Two and A Half Men", Tracy Ullman "State of the Union"
  • WINNER: Since Betty seems to be falling out of favor, Vanessa Williams may never win her deserved Emmy. I am going with a 30 Rock wave: Jane Krakowski "30 Rock"

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