Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actor in a Drama Series

2013 Nomination Predictions
1. Damian Lewis "Homeland"
2. Bryan Cranston "Breaking Bad"
3. Jeff Daniels "The Newsroom"
4. Kevin Spacey "House of Cards"
5. Jon Hamm "Mad Men"
6. Steve Buscemi "Boardwalk Empire"

Other Contenders - Matthew Rhys "The Americans". Hugh Bonneville "Downton Abbey", Michael C. Hall "Dexter", Timothy Olyphant "Justified"
Commentary - Last year's winner Damian Lewis surprised many, as he beat the odds-on favorite Bryan Cranston, who had won several times before. Both of these guys will definitely make the cut again, and both will probably enter the race as the frontrunners. But two newcomers could challenge their titles, as both give baity performances in top-ranked drama series. Kevin Spacey stars in House of Cards, a show that I am still hestiant about because it is not on traditional television, but a show that I am starting to come around to as a real contender. Even if the show doesn't make the Drama Series cut, I think that Kevin Spacey is in. He is a two-time Oscar winning actor, and is the kind of actor that the Emmys just eat up. Jeff Daniels starts in The Newsroom another show I think is on the bubble, because many critics and fans have a love/hate relationship with it. Once again, even if the show is not a hit all-around, I think that Jeff Daniels, who managed a SAG and Golden Globe nod this year, will also make the cut. The last two slots could see some movement. Two nominees last year, Hugh Bonneville and Michael C. Hall are clearly popular among Emmy voters, and neither were expected to make the cut last year, and they did, so do not discount them. Newcomer Matthew Rhys could get in for The Americans, which could end up being a big hit with the voters, as it buzz rises. But right now I am sticking with old favorites Jon Hamm and Steve Buscemi. Even though I think both shows have passed their Emmy prime, both of these actors received SAG nominations this year, and continue to be popular among the voters. At least for another year, they should be safe.

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