Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Television Movie/Miniseries

2013 Nomination Predictions
1. James Cromwell "American Horror Story: Asylum"
2. Peter Mullan "Top of the Lake"
3. Jeffrey Tambor "Phil Spector"
4. Zachary Quinto "American Horror Story: Asylum"
5. Rob Lowe "Behind the Candelabra"

Other Contenders - James Woods "Mary and Martha", Dan Aykroyd "Behind the Candelabra", Ciaran Hinds "Political Animals", Oliver Platt "The Big C Hereafter", Evan Peters "American Horror Story: Asylum", Joseph Fiennes "American Horror Story: Asylum", Ian McShane "American Horror Story: Asylum", Sebastian Stan "Political Animals"
Commentary - Between the two of them James Cromwell and Jeffrey Tambor have received nine Emmy nominations (Cromwell - 3, Tambor - 6), but no wins. This year it looks like one of them might finally win a Emmy award. Cromwell's performance is certaintly the craziest of the bunch (and in my opinion the best), and while I did not care much for Phil Spector, Tambor does his thing pretty well, and has his Arrested Development performance to give him a boost. The dark horse to win, I think, is Peter Mullan. He is not as well known as his competitors, but if Emmy voters get into Top of the Lake, I think he will be hard to ignore. The last two slots are a bit tricky. James Woods has two Emmy wins and eight nominations, and is clearly popular, but Mary and Martha kind of landed with a dud. Dan Aykroyd is also popular with Emmy voters, having won an Emmy in five nominations, but his role in Behind the Candelabra was not only limited, but kind of one note (not really his fault, it is how it was written). Instead, I think his co-star Rob Lowe, whose plastic surgeon role gave him a strange face, and the best supporting character that has a shot from Behind the Candelabra (since Debbie Reynolds was not submitted). Finally, as the serial killer, Zachary Quinto was at his creepy best. While he will face stiff internal competition (particularly from Evan Peters, who probably deserves the spot over him), but I think that he will be hard to pass up on a ballot.

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