Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 Television Critics Association Award Predictions: Best Youth, Reality, and News/Information Program

Best Youth Program
Will Win/Should Win - Bunheads
Could Win - Switched at Birth or Sesame Street
Commentary - Sesame Street and Switched at Birth were the last two programs to take this award, so both of them are in the hunt, as past recepients have won more than once. But I think that this year's critics will go out on a limb for Bunheads. While they were voting, ABC Family was still making a decision, so some of them may think their vote could have saved the show. The show has unfortunately been cancelled, another wonderful program that was passed over my mediocre slop. But I am hoping that it gets one last recognition for its excellent season.

Best Reality Program
Will Win - The Voice
Could Win - The Amazing Race or Survivor
Should Win - The Glee Project
Commentary - There is not a lot of precedent in this category as it is only on its third year. Last year's winner So You Think You Can Dance was not even nominated, although previous winner The Amazing Race could pull an Emmy situation and continue to win. My guess is that critics like to be hip and on top of the current buzz. So this leads me to believe that The Voice, which has quickly become the most talked about reality program, and well-liked among critics and viewers, will be a hot vote that they will not want to miss.
Best News & Information Program
Will Win - The Central Park Five
Could Win - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or 60 Minutes
Should Win - The Rachel Maddow Show
Commentary -  Last year, 60 Minutes won its first TCA Award, so it is definitely in the running again. And it has been a while since The Daily Show took home an award, but its continuing popularity ensures it is always a possibility. But I think that this year, as in previous years, a jaw-dropping, popular, and controversial special with cinematic qualities will capture the hearts and minds of the TCA voters. While its probably a second choice for a lot of people, I think that The Central Park Five will surprise and take home the win.

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