Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Emmy Contenders: Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

2012 Contenders
Jimmy Fallon "SNL"
Michael J. Fox "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Will Arnett "30 Rock"
Alan Alda "The Big C"
Matt Bomer "Glee"
Don Rickles "Hot In Cleveland"
Greg Kinnear "Modern Family"
Paul Rudd "Parks & Recreation"
Stanley Tucci "30 Rock"
Hugh Dancy "The Big C"
Jeff Goldblum "Glee"
Johnny Depp "Life's Too Short"
James Marsden "30 Rock"
David Cross "Modern Family"
Carl Reiner "Parks & Recreation"
Dermot Mulroney "New Girl"
Max Adler "Glee"
Jon Hamm "30 Rock"
Kelsey Grammer "30 Rock"
John Goodman "Community"
Ricky Martin "Glee"
Richard Schiff "House of Lies"
Ray Romano "The Middle"
Ricky Gervais "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Ed Asner "Hot in Cleveland"
Justin Long "New Girl"
Billy Baldwin "30 Rock"
Louis C.K. "Parks & Recreation"
John Mahoney "Hot in Cleveland"
Bobby Cannavale "Nurse Jackie"
Carl Reiner "Hot in Cleveland"
Mike O' Malley "Glee"
Sean Hayes "Parks & Recreation"
Stanley Tucci "30 Rock"

Commentary - Like most years, these Guest categories are hard to discern, there are simply too many names. But we do know a handful that are the most likely contenders, but in recent years, these categories have afforded more than a few surprises. Probably in the lead is Michael J. Fox for his role in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Along with his Good Wife role, he could receive multiple nominations this year. Jimmy Fallon is also a good bet for his surprisingly great role as the host of SNL. While The Big C may not be an Emmy darling, Alan Alda is, and his role in the series this year will probably not be overlooked. Will Arnett may not get a nod for Up All Night, but his recurring 30 Rock role could be the vehicle for a nod instead. I personally though Matt Bomer's role in Glee was useless, like so many of the storylines this season, but he sang, and gave us a few laughs, and could be rewarded for it. There are some legends to look for as well including Carl Reiner, with two possibilities and Don Rickles for Hot in Cleveland. Also look for movie stars who have crossed into the television foray such as Paul Rudd, Greg Kinnear, Johnny Depp, Stanley Tucci, John Goodman, James Marsden and others who all have meaty roles. Hugh Dancy, Jeff Goldblum, David Cross, and Dermot Mulroney are also big possibilities. I'd also like to include that there are plenty of other names that could be listed, so we'll have to wait see as time goes by.


  1. I think Fox is a great actor and an inspiring man, who I'm hoping he'll win. I'm thinking Alda, Arnett, Fallon and Bomer will make it in, too.

  2. Great minds think alike, cause those are my five, with a plethora going for the sixth slot.