Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BAFTA and Daytime News Bits

Here are two pieces of news for the Daytime Emmys and the BAFTA's
  • I always kind of liked the fact that the BAFTA's released long lists, it made them different, and let us know their process which was nice. Instead of trying to stand out, apparently the British Academy wants to become more like its American counterpart, and is combining their two step processing of long list chapters into one. They will also switch their nominating and winning voting procedures almost mirroring the Oscars. I personally will miss the long lists, and we'll have to wait and see if this changes the outcome or predicted outcome of the nominees/winners/
  • NATAS is considering combining its once three separate ceremonies into one for the Daytime, Sports, and News Emmys. This will take some manuevering considering they come at different points throughout the year. Furthermore, I wonder if they will no do away completely with a televised ceremony, or will they just make it extra long. The ratings this year were down 67% from their all time low, although between repeats it had about 2 million viewers which is good for HLN, but terrible for the telecast. If they keep going like this, then I have no doubt we will not see any more televised Emmys except for the Primetime ones.

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