Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trailers: Ender's Game and The Butler

Ender's Game is a sci-fi classic (despite the rantings and ravings of Orson Scott Card), and I would pay money to watch Viola Davis eat a sandwich, so I'm in. But I do wonder: didn't they literally just show the entire movie in the trailer?
The next one is The Butler, the new Lee Daniels film with a cast list that goes on for days. No one has ever complained that Lee Daniels is a conventional filmmaker, and yet from the looks of it, this could be highly conventional. I kind of have a feeling that the film doesn't fit the mold of the trailer, and that Weinstein, in order to play the Oscar-bait card, added the soppy music and edited it to this point. I hope so at least. I will say that even if that is the case, look out for Forest Whitaker and Oprah, who both look to have baity roles.

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