Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Emmy Contenders - Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

2013 Emmy Contenders
Bob Newhart "The Big Bang Theory"
Justin Timberlake "SNL"
Martin Short "SNL"
Louis C.K. "SNL"
Seth MacFarlane "SNL"
Ben Affleck "SNL"
Bobby Cannavale "Nurse Jackie"
Morris Chestnut "Nurse Jackie"
Steve Carell "The Office"
Will Arnett "30 Rock"
Bryan Cranston "30 Rock"
Steve Buscemi "30 Rock"
James Marsden "30 Rock"
Dean Winters "30 Rock"
Will Forte "30 Rock"
Ken Howard "30 Rock"
Rob Reiner "New Girl"
Josh Gad "New Girl"
Dennis Farina "New Girl"
Rob Riggle "New Girl"
Matthew Broderick "Modern Family"
Nathan Lane "Modern Family"
Fred Willard "Modern Family"
Rob Riggle "Modern Family"
Benjamin Bratt "Modern Family"
Patrick Wilson "Girls"
Chris O'Dowd "Girls"
Peter Scolari "Girls"
Andrew Rannells "Girls"
David Lynch "Louie"
F. Murray Abraham "Louie"
Henry Winkler "Arrested Development"
Ben Stiller "Arrested Development"
John Slattery "Arrested Development"
Matt Damon "House of Lies"
Matt Bomer "The New Normal"
Seth Rogen "The Mindy Project"
Jason Alexander "Community"
James Brolin "Community"
Robin Williams "Wilfred"
Matt Walsh "Parks & Recreation"
Jonathan Banks "Parks & Recreation"
Gary Cole "Veep"
Commentary - After all these years in television, is this the time that Bob Newhart finally wins an Emmy Award? I kind of hope so since it has been so long, but he will face some stiff competition. SNL has a host of contenders (pun not intended), the most likely being previous winner Justin Timberlake and Emmy favorite Louis C.K. and Martin Short. 30 Rock also has its share of possibilities, especially recurring actor on the show Will Arnett (who is also in contention for two other shows this year), as well as the always great Bryan Cranston. Bobby Cannavale surprisingly got in last year for Nurse Jackie, and he is a winner in this category for Will & Grace, so it is not safe to discount him. Modern Family's guest stars could see a match between former Producer's co-stars Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, with Fred Willard in the mix. Patrick Wilson has an lot of screentime in his episode and if Girls is really popular, it will reflect so down the ballot. This year, Louie has a real chance to expand in the acting categories, and in this category look for legends like David Lynch and F. Murray Abraham to make a splash. We are just starting to get reactions to Arrested Development, and I haven't heard yet whether the performances of Ben Stiller, John Slattery, or Henry Winkler, are good enough to get in. Finally, after years of losing in Best Actor, this might just be the year where Steve Carell finally wins his Office Emmy, of course we can only hope.

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