Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 MTV Movie Award Predictions - Best Film

Will Win - The Avengers

Should Win - Django Unchained

Could Win - Ted, The Dark Knight Rises

Commentary - It is interesting that some of the films that seem to be big possibilities in other categories, like Magic Mike, Pitch Perfect, etc, did not make the cut for Best Film. My guess on this one is purely based on box office. The Avengers was the biggest box office success of the year, and clearly the most popular. Plus, the other films have some thing against them that The Avengers does not. The Dark Knight Rises is not as good as its predecessor, Django is too violent, not enough people saw SLP, and Ted seems to be popular, but not that popular. The Avengers is clean fun, lots of action, good for teens all the way up to adults. It just seems like the right choice.

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