Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Best of the Emmy Awards: Winners - Best Directing of a Made for Television Movie or Miniseries

Winner - (Tie) David Greene "Roots - Part 1" and Mike Nichols "Angels in America"

Runners Up - Daniel Petrie "Eleanor and Franklin"; David Greene "Friendly Fire"

Commentary - There have been few instances in television history, when TV movies and miniseries reach cinematic qualities. The two most obvious and most important case were Roots and Angels in America. Yes the casts and the stories were timeless, but in both cases, the directorial efforts of David Greene and Mike Nichols, their vision, their clarity, and their scope, truly helped to transform and elevate these pieces to cinematic excellence. Both of these programs were emotional, grand, and epic, all qualities that can be contributed to its visionary directors. 

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