Friday, April 19, 2013

Emmys Recant on Combining Acting Races in TV Movie/Miniseries Categories

I guess that the critics were loud enough to affect change. More likely, powerful members within the Academy who are actors probably effectively lobbied for a reversal of policy. According to the Board of Governors, despite their belief of the exact opposite: "Longform production has increased.  Based on the unanticipated resurgence of television miniseries and movies, the board voted tonight to reverse the consolidation, thereby reinstating the longform lead and supporting categories in the 65th Emmy Awards competition. This year as last year, there will be separate longform categories for Outstanding Lead and Supporting, Actors and Actresses (four total categories)."

Either way I am happy to see this. As television movies and miniseries' still manage to be some of the most popular and well-liked forms of television, and as many actors continue showcase their talents through these mediums, it is important that the Television Academy adequately honor these mediums and not fall prey to their money-grabbing ratings madness.

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