Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Summer Projects

So it is finally summer (for me at least), and this means it is time for some new projects (and continuing some old ones) for The Awards Psychic. Here is a list of some of the potential projects I am considering.
  • First, I want to continue my coverage of the Emmys, and look at the Tony Awards as well.
  • Also, I will continue by "If I Had Been An Academy Voter..." series.
  • Another major project I will be taking on is an extenstion from last summer. Last year I did Top 100 Movies of the Last 25 Years. This year, I want to bump it up 25 years and do the Top 100 Movies of the Last 50 Years. But this time I want to involve you guys in the process, with long lists from each decade, 200 finalists, and then of course the final product.
  • I also want to continue to look at film festivals and reviews for the big summer movies.
  • So that's all I got, but if time allows, there are other things on my mind, like Top 100 Horror Movies, and other such projects. What do you think?
And as always, thank you for reading!

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