Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best of the Emmy Awards: Winners - Best Drama Series

Winner - (TIE) The Sopranos and The West Wing

Runners Up - L.A. Law, Mad Men, Lost, Hill Street Blues

Commentary - Right as the world was about to enter the new millenium, television dramas took a turn for the better. All of the sudden, the new kids on the block were not procedural cop dramas or weepy family dramas with no bite. Instead, two shows emerged that would set a new course for television dramas and television history. The two stories, one about a mob family whose ties and secrets, and livelihood were all complicated, and one about an idealistic president and the talented people who help run his White House, were essential Americana. The Sopranos was so gritty, deep, and altering, it was unlike anything we had ever seen on television. The West Wing was political nirvana, fast-paced, and groundbreaking. They still remain the two best dramas to ever grace the small screen. And today's plethora of cinematic dramas all owe a little bit to the success and power for these two magnificent television programs.

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  1. Though I think West Wing is superior to Sopranos, it would've been a close call. Excellent choice, sir!