Sunday, April 28, 2013

Best of the Emmy Awards: Winners - Best Miniseries

Winner - (TIE) Roots; Angels in America

Runners Up -  Holocaust, Band of Brothers, Downton Abbey

Commentary - The two crowning achievements of television minseries occured decade apart, and tackled very different subjects. Yet somehow I see a link between the two productions. Not only are both cinematic in quality, epic in scale, and beautifully acted, written, and directed, but I think what makes them so powerful, and so memorable is how they both tackle subjects that, while at times painful to watch, discuss parts of our American past that need to be discussed. Slavery and the AIDS epidemic are dark parts of our history, but they also show the resilience of the American people, the history that we need to learn, and do so while captivating and affecting us deeply. Both are truly worthy of all honors they received over the years, and both are simply incredible.

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