Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actress in a Comedy Series

2017 Nomination Predictions
Allison Janney "Mom"
Ellie Kemper "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
Julia Louis-Dreyfus "Veep"
Issa Rae "Insecure"
Tracee Ellis Ross "black-ish"
Lily Tomlin "Grace and Frankie"

Other Contenders - Jane Fonda "Grace and Frankie", Tracey Ullman "Tracey Ullman's Show", Sarah Jessica Parker "Divorce", Phoebe Waller-Bridge "Fleabag", Justina Machado "One Day at a Time", Lena Dunham "Girls", Minnie Driver "Speechless", Kristen Bell "The Good Place", Gina Rodriguez "Jane the Virgin", Rachel Bloom "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", Constance Wu "Fresh Off the Boat", Kaitlin Olson "The Mick", Maya Rudolph "Maya and Marty", American Fererra "Superstore", Sharon Horgan "Catastrophe", Michaela Watkins "Casual", Aya Cash "You're the Worst", Briga Heelan "Great News"

Commentary - Unlike the Actor in a Comedy Series category, this one could have ten or twelve nominees, and it still might not be enough. Amy Schumer and Laurie Metcalf are out this year, and that leaves two slots. And I honestly think that it is just those two that are up for grabs. JLD is probably going to break records, and I feel confident about the return of Tomlin, Ross, and Kemper, and all are deserved returns. I think one of those slots is guaranteed for Allison Janney. This woman is an Emmy legend, who has already made this jump before with The West Wing to winning results. It will be interesting to see a Janney vs. JLD battle. The last slot is tricky. Jane Fonda finally got a SAG nod, and the 3rd season was the show's best, Tracey Ullman is an Emmy favorite, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the critics' pick, Justina Machado is amazing, and Kristen Bell and Minnie Driver are veterans with hot new shows. While Divorce was middling at best, never discount Sarah Jessica Parker, and the final season of Girls should earn Lena Dunham a nod if they haven't completely moved on from the show. I also think that Maya Rudolph, Gina Rodriguez, Rachel Bloon, Constance Wu, Sharon Horgan, Aya Cash, Briga Heelan, the fantastic Kaitlin Oslon, Micheala Watkins, and previous winner America Ferrera should not be discounted. But I think that the refreshing debut of Issa Rae, which earned her a Golden Globe nod, will sway enough voters for that final slot.

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