Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

My Predictions
Ty Burrell "Modern Family"
Chris Colfer "Glee"
Jesse Tyler Ferguson "Modern Family"
Neil Patrick Harris "How I Met Your Mother"
Ed O'Neill "Modern Family"
Eric Stonestreet "Modern Family"

Other Contenders - Nick Offerman "Parks & Recreation", Jon Cryer "Two and A Half Men", Oliver Platt "The Big C", Tracy Morgan "30 Rock", Jeremy Priven "Entourage", Rainn Wilson "The Office", Ed Helms "The Office", Aziz Ansari "Parks & Recreation", Danny Pudi "Community"

Commentary - I know it is probably crazy to predict all four Modern Family guys to get in, but three got in last year, and Ed O'Neill's snub caused such a reaction, I can see all of them getting in again, this time plus the patriarch. Beyond them, the two top contenders which are sure to get nominations are Chris Colfer and Neil Patrick Harris, and with all the vote splitting, they both actually have a decent shot at winning. If four MF guys is too much, then Nick Offerman or Oliver Platt stand to benefit, and could end up being the sixth spot if, most likely, Jesse Tyler Ferguson drops out. Either way, in terms of the final product this will be an interesting one to watch, as about five of the nominees could have a legitimate shot at winning the grand prize.


  1. Should be nominated:
    Nick Offerman
    Danny Pudi
    Donald Glover
    Dule Hill
    Charlie Day
    Ed O'Neill

    (Also deserving: Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Jesse Tyler Fergusen, Ty Burell, Chris Colfer, Garrett Dilahunt)

    *Nick Offerman or Charlie Day should win.

    Will be nominated:
    Ed O'Neill
    Eric Stonestreet
    Ty Burell
    Chris Colfer
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Nick Offerman

    *Cris Colfer will win.

  2. I think if Chris Colfer submits the Born This Way episode, which apparently my not happen, but if he does, then he will be difficult to beat. He may not be the funniest character, but he is a damn good actor, and that episode will be a knockout. Of the MF guys, I think that Ty Burrell has the best selection of episodes this year. I have Nick Offerman at number 7. It all depends on if MF can get in four, if not, then Nick Offerman is the beneficiary.

  3. Does anyone really think Nick Offerman is less deserving than all four actors from Modern Family?

    I've got a feeling that Parks and Rec. will have more support than expected. I think Offerman will get nominated. I also think it will be a serious dark horse contender in Outstanding Comedy Series and Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Poehler.

  4. I think that Nick Offerman pales in comparison to the Modern Family guys, but Parks & Recreation is on the rise, with Poehler def. getting in, and it maybe even getting in to Comedy Series. Hell, even Rob Lowe could get in for Best Actor, simply because that race is so weak. If Parks & Rec. is popular enough, then I say Offerman gets in. But for now, I'll stick with my dream scenario of all four MF guys getting the nominations they deserve.

  5. I like Modern Family, but for me its Bowen and Vergara that keep me entertained most. Stonestreet and Ferguson have one-dimensional characters. Both O'Neill and Burell deserve nominations, but I don't think either performance is as complete as Offerman's. In terms of consistency, Ron Swanson brings more laughs per episode than any character on MF.

  6. Chris Colfer saved Glee this year. Without him, Glee would have sunk into something akin to one of the Disney teen shows.

    That said, there is not ONE of the Modern Family men I could name as BSA. All are deserving. MF deserves best comedy.

    I honestly don't watch the NBC comedies anymore. Not since Steve Carrell left The Office. Couldn't get into any of the others. Please, no Tracy Morgan nomination! He adds NOTHING to 30 Rock!

  7. I agree about both Chris Colfer and Tracy Morgan! I think Colfer benefits from so many Modern Family guys, and none of them have the slam-dunk episode as Eric Stonestreet did last year. Colfer may not be very funny, but if he submits correctly (Born This Way episode), then the sure power of his performance, humorous or not, could be enough for an Emmy win.