Thursday, July 7, 2011

Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

My Predictions
Andre Braugher "Men of A Certain Age"
Josh Charles "The Good Wife"
Alan Cumming "The Good Wife"
Michael Pitt "Boardwalk Empire"
Michael Shannon "Boardwalk Empire"
John Slattery "Mad Men"

Other Contenders - Peter Dinklage "Game of Thrones", John Noble "Fringe", Chris Noth "The Good Wife", Brent Sexton "The Killing", Walton Goggins "Justified", Michael Stuhlberg "Boardwalk Empire", Jared Harris "Mad Men", Vincent Kartheiser "Mad Men", Denis O'Hare "True Blood", Donnie Wahlberg "Blue Bloods", Scott Caan "Hawaii Five-0"

Commentary - This is a category, with about 9 real contenders and only six slots. John Slattery finally will have a great episode to submit, so not only is he a shoo in for a nomination, and maybe the win. After that, there are a lot of contenders from two shows: Boardwalk Empire and The Good Wife. Alan Cumming and Michael Pitt are sure bets, as both are standouts. But from there, it is hard to discern which of the other cast members from those shows get in. I am betting on Michael Shannon and Josh Charles, both of whom are great actors, who have recently beeped on the radar, and have flashy and important roles for two top Drama Series contenders. Finally, I'm going with Andre Braugher. He is an Emmy favorite, and he surprised us all by getting in last year, so why not this year? On a personal note, if even one of Walton Goggins, John Noble, or Peter Dinklage is included on the list come July 14th, I can die happy. Finally, Chris Noth is probably the best bet for the number 7 slot, and could easily slip past the final cut.

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