Sunday, July 10, 2011

Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries

My Predictions
Idris Elba "Luther"
Laurence Fishburne "Thurgood"
Samuel L. Jackson "The Sunset Limited"
Tommy Lee Jones "The Sunset Limited"
Edgar Ramirez "Carlos"

Other Contenders - William Hurt "Too Big to Fail", Hugh Bonneville "Downtown Abbey", Jim Broadbent "Any Human Heart", Benedict Cumberbatch "Sherlock: A Study in Pink", Kenneth Branagh "Wallander II", Ed Stoppard "Upstairs, Downstairs", Tom Selleck "Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost", Greg Kinnear "The Kennedys", Ian McShane "The Pillars of the Earth",

Commentary - This is actually a pretty stacked race with really any of these guys having a legitimate shot at getting in. Everyone seems to be predicting Tommy Lee Jones, but not always Samuel L. Jackson. In my opinion, if one gets in, then the other should too. Edgar Ramirez is probably the frontrunner for Carlos, which was a critics darling last year. Idris Elba and Laurence Fishburne also got rave reviews, but they will face some stiff competition from the likes of William Hurt, and Jim Broadbent, who would love to come in a steal away one of their spots.

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