Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emmy Nomination Analysis

Overall, there are of course some horrible snubs for shows like Parenthood, Community, and Fringe, and some lingering nominees like Cryer and Hargitay who just won't go away. That being said, these are a pretty good set of nominees. I would like to mention a personal favorite, Loretta Devine who got a deserving nod for her role on the rejuviant Grey's Anatomy this season. Here is a look at the main categories:

Best Drama Series
This category came out exactly as I predicted, which to be honest is shocking. I think the most interesting part is the amount of love for Justified and The Killing, yet neither got in, meaning most likely they were in the 7th and 8th slots. I still think it comes down between Mad Men and The Good Wife, although, the fact that the Emmys went after Friday Night Lights, in its emotional final season makes me believe it could be a dark horse. Of course that could just be wishful thinking. In terms of other series, outings like Fringe, True Blood (a nominee last year), Parenthood, and Treme were completely left out of the major categories. This is disappointing, but considering some of the terrible Emmy years in the past, I am satisfied with the current six.

Best Comedy Series
Well, I'm glad the Emmys did not go for the obvious ploy of Hot in Cleveland (I actually like the show, it has its funny moments, but definitely not worthy of an Emmy). That being said, the inclusions of The Big Bang Theory and Parks & Recreation were completely awesome. Last year's nominee Nurse Jackie had a less than stellar season, and subsequently was not nominated. Many people were mad that Community was snubbed (The only one of the NBC big Thursday four to be snubbed), but maybe, like Parks and Recreation, this is a show that needs to grow on the Emmys for a couple of years before it starts making an impact. In terms of the win, I think Modern Family has it in the bag, with Glee, The Office, and 30 Rock bringing up the win, although the other two are just as in this. Basically it is Modern Family vs. The field.

Best Actor in a Drama Series
The first five nominees to be announced were standard and expected. Hugh Laurie, Steve Buscemi, Kyle Chandler, Michael C. Hall, and Jon Hamm were all expected, and to be honest very well deserved nominations. Everyone thought though that the Emmy favorite and scene stealer William H. Macy would get the final nod. Instead, a surprise came our way, and Timothy Olyphant got his first Emmy nomination. Justified may have missed the Series nod, but this was a great nod for the series. I think Hamm will finally win the award, but if nostalgia is high Kyle Chandler could surprise us all with a win.

Best Actress in a Drama Series
Kyra Sedgwick is awesome, and she won last year, but was amazingly snubbed for even a nomination. Who would have thought that Mariska Hargitay would outlast her? That being said, the rest of the nominees weren't exactly shocking. Some may be surprised by Kathy Bates inclusion, but her name alone was enough for a nod. I had underestimated The Killing, but Enos getting in is not a shock. In the end I think it comes down to Moss, Britton, and Margulies, who were all expected to get in. I am saddened that Katey Segal was excluded, again, from an Emmy nod, but I think the Academy is not a fan of Sons of Anarchy, because even shoo-in Hal Holbrook was snubbed in the Guest Actor category. I am also sad that Lauren Graham was once again snubbed, as was Anna Torv, but Britton and Margulies getting in was enough for me. Let's just hope one of the less than stellar nominees doesn't surprise us with a win.

Best Actor in a Comedy Series
This category was the most shocking and the most incredible set of nominees I have ever seen. The standards, Baldwin, Carrell, and Parsons, but from there it was jaw-dropping and thrilling. First, Johnny Galecki rode the Big Bang Theory wave and was nominated against his co-star an amazing surprise. Then, two small, critical shows that did not seem like Emmy bait got their nominees in. Of course I'm talking about Louis C.K. and Matt Leblanc, two great performances that deserved the recognition they got. I still think that the sentiment about Carrell's departure from The Office will be enough to give him a long overdue Emmy award.

Best Actress in a Comedy Series
I figured when Melissa McCarthy was announced as the presenter of the nominations, that there was a good chance she would be nominated (I still though Jackson would be snubbed). This theory stems from previous picks, like the year that Chandra Wilson and Jim Parson each announced the other's nomination. And like clockwork the amazing McCarthy, a truly funny actress, who is getting Oscar buzz for her scene-stealing role in Bridemaids, got her first Emmy nomination, one long overdue from her Gilmore Girls days. There were of course the standards like Laura Linney, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Edie Falco, who were all deserving. But then another surprise, the wonderful Martha Plimpton, got her second Emmy nomination for the well done Raising Hope. Toni Collette and Lea Michele were not nominated again, one due to lack of interest, and the other due to the fact that she is but one in a large outstanding class. Either way I was thrilled with the nominations, and think it comes down to Linney v. Poehler for the win.

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
I was so happy to see three names on this list. First, the great Josh Charles who has put in years of quality work into many different television programs, was finally rewarded. Then Peter Dinklage, the true star of Game of Thrones got a surprise and welcomed nod. Then my jaw dropped when I saw Walton Goggins, a way overdue nomination that made my heart skip a beat. I hope he wins, over and over again. The other nominees were well deserved and no real surprise including Alan Cumming, John Slattery, and Andre Braugher. My guess is that Slattery will have a slam dunk episode, but do not count out Charles, Braugher, or of course Goggins.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Once again, I was doing back flips after seeing the nominees for this category. While I would have loved one of the Parenthood or Greys Anatomy girls to get some love, I cannot complain with these nominees. Two awesome performers from The Good Wife got in, with Panjabi looking like a good contender for a second, less surprising win. As expected, names like Michelle Forbes, Christina Hendricks, and Kelly MacDonald also populated the list. And then I saw it, like a light from an angel. Margo Martindale, a hard working actress for many years, got an Emmy nomination. And with her submission, she may be a tough cookie to beat.

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Damn that Jon Cryer. With this nod, the Academy is giving him a wink and a nod that he is good to go. Then Neil Patrick Harris, Nick Offerman, and Oliver Platt don't get in because of him. If he wins, I might break my TV. With that out of the way, I don't want to hamper my spirits about the other five deserving nominees. Chris Colfer may not be the funniest actor, but he is a talented kid who adds incredible depth to Glee. Finally, all four Modern Family guys get in. This is unprecendented, and exciting. Most importantly, long snubbed Ed O'Neill FINALLY gets a nomination. All I have to say is this....THANK GOD!!! I think Burrell and Colfer are the two showiest characters with the best submissions for the win.

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
No surprises here, the six that I, and most people predicted got in. Its between Lynch and White for the win, although Bowen might be a dark horse.

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