Saturday, July 9, 2011

Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries

My Predictions
James Gandolfini "Cinema Verite"
Paul Giamatti "Too Big to Fail"
Guy Pearce "Mildred Pierce"
Tim Robbins "Cinema Verite"
James Woods "Too Big to Fail"

Other Contenders - Tom Wilkinson "The Kennedys", Brian F. O'Byrne "Mildred Pierce", Donald Sutherland "Pillars of the Earth", Billy Crudup "Too Big to Fail", Thomas Dekker "Cinema Verite", Brendan Coyle "Downtown Abbey", Martin Freeman "Sherlock: A Study in Pink", Topher Grace "Too Big to Fail"

Commentary - There are a few contenders that seem to be locked and loaded for nominations come July 14th. Both James Gandolifini, a huge Emmy favorite, and Tim Robbins, for Cinema Verite look to score nods, although they may have a canceling out effect when it comes to actually winning. Guy Pearce had a baity role in the popular Mildred Pierce, and could be the benefactor of a Gandolifini-Robbins split. Finally, it comes down to which Too Big to Fail guys get in. Woods is a lock, but Giamatti, despite his A-list credentials, is less sure especially with some big competition lurking in the background. Many think Tom Wilkinson will get in, but I don't know if the Emmys will embrace The Kennedys. On a personal note, by favorite to get in will be Brian F. O'Byrne, but he may not have the name recognition enough to break through.

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