Friday, July 1, 2011

12th Annual Golden Trailer Awards

Ok so these technically came out Wednesday, and I missed the boat. But for those who also missed the boat, here are the winners from the Golden Trailer Awards.

Best In Show - The Social Network "Trailer #2", Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Best Action - Inception "Control", Warner Bros., BLT:AV
Best Animation/Family - Rango "Teaser", Paramount Pictures, The Ant Farm
Best Comedy - The Other Guys "Return to Glory", Columbia, Seismic Productions
Best Documentary - The Tillman Story "Trailer 1", The Weinstein Company/ A&E Indie Films, Zealot Productions Inc.
Best Drama - The Social Network "Trailer #2", Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Best Horror - The Last Exorcism, Lionsgate, Mojo
Best Independent Trailer - Tree of Life, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates
Best Music - The Social Network "Trailer 2", Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Best Romance - Blue Valentine "Trailer 1", The Weinstein Company, Zealot Productions Inc
Best Thriller - Black Swan, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates
Best Video Game Trailer - Starcraft II "Prepare", Blizzard Entertainment, Mojo
The Don LaFontaine Award for Best Voice Over - Born To Be Wild "Evolution", Warner Bros. Pictures, Mob Scene Creative + Productions
Golden Fleece - Burlesque "Make A Star", Screen Gems, Seismic Productions
Most Original - The Social Network "Trailer #2", Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Summer 2011 Blockbuster - Transformers: Dark of the Moon "Alien Secret", Paramount Pictures, Wild Card
Trashiest Trailer - Hobo With A Shotgun "Red Band", Magnet, AV Squad
Best Motion/Title Graphics  - Saw 3D "Witness", Lionsgate, Buddha Jones
Best Sound Editing - Battle: Los Angeles "Domestic Trailer: Secret", Columbia Pictures, Ignition Creative
Best Trailer - No Movie - Jersey Boys "4 Friends Trailer", Create Advertising Group
Best Foreign Action Trailer - Centurion, Magnolia Pictures, Kinetic Trailers
Best Foreign Comedy Trailer - Wild Target, Entertainment Films, Create Advertising Group
Best Foreign Drama Trailer - The King's Speech "Trailer 1", Momentum Pictures, Zealot Productions Inc
Best Foreign Horror/Thriller Trailer - REC2 "Red Band", Magnet, AV Squad
Best Foreign Romance Trailer - Rosebud "Cinema Trailer", Monolith Films, Trailer and More
Most Original Foreign Trailer - Rubber "Greenband Trailer 1", Magnolia Pictures, Zealot Productions Inc

TV Spot Nominees

Best Action TV Spot - The Town "Alarm Review", Warner Bros., Motive
Best Animation/Family TV Spot - Megamind "Vote for Mega", DreamWorks, Buddha Jones
Best Comedy TV Spot - The Green Hornet "Paradise", Columbia Pictures, Vibe Creative, Inc.
Best Drama TV Spot - The Fighter "Train", Paramount Pictures, AV Squad
Best Foreign TV Spot - The King's Speech "Few Words", Momentum Pictures, Create Advertising Group
Best Graphics in a TV Spot  - Salt "Big Event Review", Columbia Pictures, Vibe Creative,Inc
Best Horror TV Spot - The Last Exorcism "Trailer Cutdown", Lionsgate, Mojo
Best Independent TV Spot - Jane Eyre "TV Spot – Escape", Focus Features, Kinetic Trailers
Best Music TV Spot - The Expendables "Attitude", Lionsgate, Fishbowl
Best Romance TV Spot - Something Borrowed "Best Things", Warner Bros./Alcon Entertainment, Trailer Park
Best Summer Blockbuster 2011 TV Spot - Fast Five "Superbowl", Universal Pictures, AV Squad
Best Thriller TV Spot - Hanna "Unknown", Focus Features, AV Squad
Best Video Game TV Spot  - Shift 2 Unleashed "Trailer", Electronic Arts
Best Voice Over TV Spot - Madea's Big Happy Family "Prescripture", Lionsgate, Ignition
Most Original TV Spot - Limitless "Movie in a Minute", Relativity, Motive

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