Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Oscar Narrative: Final Predictions - Best Picture

Will Win - Argo

Could Win - Lincoln, Life of Pi, or Silver Linings Playbook

Should Win - Lincoln

Commentary - I have this recurring dream that on Monday morning we are all going to wake up, and everything we thought we knew was right. That it didn't matter how many precursors Argo won, without that directing nomination something like Lincoln or Silver Linings, or Life of Pi won instead. Alas, like Anne Hathaway, I have simply dreamed a dream. Argo has swept through all the major precursors and seemed to only be galvanized by its director snub. While some races maintain their mystery, this one was solved long ago. And, I will still be sticking to my guns at the end of the day. Argo is fun, and well-done. But Lincoln is an American masterpiece, and the best film of the year.

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