Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Oscar Narrative: Final Predictions - Best Animated Feature

Will Win - Brave

Could Win- Frankenweenie or Wreck-It Ralph

Should Win - Wreck-It Ralph

Commentary - Most people, after PGA, Annie, and Critics Choice wins, are picking Wreck-It Ralph, and while it is my personal favorite, I am starting to doubt its supposed frontrunner status. While it's premise is far greater than just a gaming movie, some of the older voters may not be able to get around this initial description. Plus, with BAFTA, VES, and other major guild awards under its belt, Brave has been stealthly and quickly gaining traction right as the Academy members are voting. Wreck-It Ralph could still win, as could Frankenweenie (simply because of Tim Burton's name), but Brave has won the most industry awards that overlap with the Academy, and it is Pixar, which is eager, especially after last year's Cars 2 was such a disaster.


  1. "BRAVE":
    Golden Globe, BAFTA, Sound Mixers, ACE

    NRA, BFCA (Critics' Choice), Annies, PGA, MPSE

    "but Brave has won the most industry awards that overlap with the Academy"

    Yeah "BRAVE" has not won more awards than "RALPH". Globes only picked "BRAVE" because of Pixar name and BAFTA because "RALPH" wasn't released in UK until 2 wks ago. Annies and especially PGA are major voting bodies, the latter being a large body of voters as well.

    If "BRAVE" wins the Oscar, I'm blaming the Brits who haven't see "RALPH" yet. If their votes can bring Emmanuelle Riva the Best Actress Oscar, than so can be likewise for "BRAVE".


  2. Also Brave hit it big with the Visual Effects Society. For the record, I hope Wreck-It Ralph wins, and I think it is an incredibly close race that could go either way. I just think it is going to go Brave's way.

    1. Shoot, I forgot about the Visual FX society. However, I do think cases can be made for Editing, Sound Mixing, and FX for "BRAVE". They're kinda small voting bodies for merely qualities of a film; I hope people aren't looking at these awards for animated feature and thinking the entire film is better than "RALPH".

    2. I will say, I do hope you are right.