Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Grammy Awards Predictions: Rock Categories

Best Rock Performance
Will Win - Bruce Springsteen "We Take Care of Our Own"
Could Win - Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait" or Black Keys "Lonely Boy"
Should Win - Black Keys "Lonely Boy"
Commentary - See Best Rock Song

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance
Will Win - Iron Maiden "Blood Brothers"
Could Win - Megadeth "Whose Life is It Anyway?
Should Win- Halestorm "Love Bites So Do I"
Commentary - Halestorm is the only one of the bunch that actually resembles music, but my guess is that Iron Maiden is the favorite, although Megadeth could also win. I will say that this is one of those "who cares?" categories for me.

Best Rock Song
Will Win - Bruce Springsteen "We Take Care of Our Own"
Could Win/Should Win - Black Keys "Lonely Boy"
Commentary - Time and time again Springsteen comes in and beats other competitiors, even those, like The Black Keys, that manage to make it into the general field. This is a well-liked song from a beloved Grammy favorite, and while I hope that the Black Keys pull it off, I kind of have a feeling their not going to let The Boss go home empty-handed.

Best Rock Album
Will Win/Should Win - Black Keys "El Camino"
Could Win - Jack White "Blunderbuss" or Bruce Springsteen "Wrecking Ball"
Commentary - Despite the fact that White and Black Keys made it into Album of the Year, Springsteen could still win this one as well. But my guess is that while We Take Care of Our Own is hard to ignore, that when it comes to the album as a whole, the voters will recognize the superiority of El Camino.

Best Alternative Music Album
Will Win - Gotye "Making Mirrors"
Could Win/Should Win - Fiona Apple "The Idler Wheel..."
Commentary - I know that Somebody that I Used to Know was a big hit, but Gotye is highly overrated. Especially when put up against Fiona Apple's brilliant album The Idler Wheel...But with so many nominations, the Grammy voters will want to reward Gotye somewhere, and this is probably the place to do it.

Best Americana Album
Will Win - Mumford & Sons "Babel
Could Win/Should Win - Bonnie Raitt "Slipstream"
Commentary - I like Mumford & Sons and they will probably easily win this award. But for an award about American roots (Mumford & Sons are British), I would go instead with Bonnie Raitt's awesome effort Slipstream.

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