Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best of the Emmy Awards: Introduction and Rules

Last year I tackled my favorite Oscar winners of all time. This year, I will take the same stab at my favorite Emmy winners of all time. The Best of the Emmy Awards will begin tommorrow and will feature three disctinct phases. The first phase will be presenting the contenders for each of the categories. Phase 2 will involve whittling down to finalists. Phase 2 will be the final nominations, ranging from 10-15 nominees, which will be adjusted depending on the category. The final phase will be the announcement of the winners. Here are the ground rules:

1) All the contenders must be Emmy winners
2) It will feature current categories, however individuals from older categories that fit the newer descriptions will be added. I will also do the Individual Achievement in a Variety Series/Special, which ended in 2008. Those Guest performers that won for SNL after 2008 will remain in their guest categories.
3) I will not be doing most of the Creative Arts Emmys, because there are way too many categories, and they used to be so many different names. I will however do Animated Series (combining all the various versions), as well as Best Voiceover Performance.
4) This is the most important rule: These are my personal preferences, and my favorites, so feel free to disagree in the comments section!

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