Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Oscar Narrative: Final Predictions - Short Films

Best Live Action Short
Will Win/Should Win - Curfew
Could Win - Asad, Buzkashi Boys
Commentary - Three potential winners, three toss-ups in my opinion. I am going with Curfew because, like so many of our shorts this year, is the most emotionally effective.

Best Documentary Short
Will Win - Open Heart
Could Win - Inocente, Monday's at Racine's 
Should Win
Commentary - It is hard not to watch these Doc Shorts and not get emotional, as they all pull at your heart strings. Both Inocente and Monday at Racine's (my personal favorite of the five), are outstanding pieces and could easily win this prize. But my money is on Open Heart. The story of young Rwandans risking their lives for heart surgery in the Sudan is not only a heart-tugger, but it is also an important study of third world poverty and access to medical treatment. I think that combination is hard to beat. 

Best Animated Short
Will Win - Paperman
Could Win - Adam and Dog, Head Over Heels, Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare
Should Win - Adam and Dog
Commentary - A great race with some great films, including a Simpson's short, Disney's best in years, and a former Disney animator creating a refreshing look at the classic Adam and Eve story. But with the voting now open to the whole Academy, and Disney's name attached to Paperman (which was shown before Wreck-It Ralph, another big contender in Animation this year), I think that it is going to be the one to beat. Although, I find it hard that voters would see Adam and Dog and not be moved.

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