Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grammy Winner Predictions - Song of the Year

Will Win - Adele "Rolling in the Deep"
Should Win - All of the Lights
Could Win - Mumford & Sons "The Cave"

Commentary - In my opinion, All of the Lights is one of the best songs of the year, and I am thrilled to see it get some general category love. That being said, I don't think it has a shot at winning here. Rock bands have done well in these categories, as they are usually the safest choices, so watch out for a surprise win from either Bon Iver, or more likely from Mumford & Sons, whose The Cave was one of the best rock songs of the year. But I think that no matter what happens, this is the year of Adele. She is safe, as older voters will like her old-school style, yet still trendy enough, as Rolling in the Deep was the biggest damn song of the year, that it just seems too much like a consensus to bet against her.

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