Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grammy Winner Predictions: Misc.

Best Comedy Album
Will Win - Louis C.K. "Louis C.K.: Hilarious"
Could Win - The Lonely Island "Turtleneck and Chain"
Should Win - Kathy Griffin "50 & Not Pregnant"
Commentary - My money would go to Kathy Griffin, who is continuously funny with her stand up routines. But it really seems to be between Louis and Lonely Island. The Recording Academy liked Lonely Island enough to nominate it in the rap categories before, but this year, I think the new rising star of Louis C.K. may be too much to overcome.

Best Spoken Word Album
Will Win/Should Win - Tina Fey "Bossypants"
Could Win - Betty White "If You Ask Me and Of Course You Want"
Commentary - This one is a close call between of TV's funniest ladies. The overflowing love for Betty White as she enters her 9th decade may be enough to give her a boost. But my bet is that Tina Fey's hit book Bossypants, which is a joy to both read and listen too will take the prize.

Best Musical Theater Album
Will Win - The Book of Mormon
Could Win/Should Win - Anything Goes
Commentary - Sutton Foster has a place in my heart, but Book of Mormon is the biggest hit of the year, and may be hard to overcome.

Best Short Form Music Video
Will Win - Adele "Someone Like You"
Could Win - Radiohead "Lotus Flower" or OK Go "All is Not Lost"
Commentary - If they go with the flasier video, the Radiohead or OK Go will win. But if Adele is sweeping, and they appreciate her minimalist approach, then my guess is she takes the prize.


  1. Wasn't Rolling in the Deep nominated instead of Someone Like You?

    And the RITD video wasn't minimalist by any means.

  2. You are right, it was Rolling in the Deep, which is why I thought it was so minimalist, like Someone Like You is. Either way I think Adele will win it.

  3. I think Weird Al has a chance with Best Comedy Album. I'm a huge Weird Al Yankovic fan, so I am rooting that he'll get his fourth Grammy.