Saturday, February 25, 2012

Final Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

Will Win - The Artist
Could Win - Hugo, The Descendants, The Help
Should Win - Moneyball or The Help

Commentary - I have decided how I know that The Artist is so far ahead in this race: there is no defined number two. Hugo was the early favorite, and considering all the technical awards it will get, it definitely could be a contender. But it lost the Eddie, which to me is a huge blow. The Descendants has come on strong with the Eddie win, as wells a WGA victory, but I think it lacks across the board support. Scott Feinberg says that a lot more people than expected are voting for The Help with won the SAG ensemble, but without any technical or writing nominations I don't see if overcoming the tides of history. So that leaves one. The Artist has run the circuit from the beginning of the critical season, and has remained an underdog in the face of bigger competition. It is a wonderful little movie that celebrates the craft, and this weekend it will go from underdog to top dog.

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