Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Final Oscar Predictions: Costume Design

Will Win - Jane Eyre
Should Win - Anonymous
Could Win - W.E. Hugo, or The Artist

Commentary - W.E. winning the CDG last night is huge, and once again, this is one that could get a big switch before my final list. But the movie has had no other real recognition, and is just now really hitting theaters. I think that hurts it in the long run. I also know that Best Pictures don't do well in this category, especially recently, which hurts Hugo and The Artist. Although Sandy Powell is a three-time winner, so she could easily take it. So the question is, who wins? And the answer, I am sorry to say is, I have no freaking idea. So I am going out on a limb, might as well, and going with the more elaborate costumes of Jane Eyre. Wisdom may kick in, and I end up changing my mind, but for now, this is my gut prediction.

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