Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grammy Winner Predictions: Best New Artist

Will Win - Bon Iver
Should Win - Nicki Minaj
Could Win - The Band Perry or Minaj

Commentary - Everyone thinks this is between Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver, and they are not far off, as both are definitely potentials to win. But Nicki has the disadvantage of being a hip hop artist, and only one has won this award, Lauryn Hill. Bon Iver is probably the safest pick, as he did well in other categories. Minaj also did well in her rap categories, so both can make a nice argument either way. In my opinion, the one to look out for is Band Perry, as country acts have done well. But it probably won't win its own genre categories, where as both Iver and Minaj could win in theres. The other thing to notice is that Bon Iver got Record and Song of the Year, whereas none of his other competitors got any other General nominations.

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