Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jean Hersholt and Honorary Oscars Announced

The three honorary winners this year include the criminally under-rewarded Angela Lansbury, the legendary costume designer Piero Tosi, who has five Oscar nominations under their belt, and in a surprising move Steve Martin. The first two are incredibly well-deserved, and while I love Steve Martin, I'm not sure he is at that point in his career, and there are plenty of actors that this seems more fitting (in ten years I could see it, and it would make sense). I kind of feel that Martin still has a lot in the gas tank and is not really at the end of his long career. But, as I said, I do love Martin, so it is not necessarily a huge disappointment. A lot of people will be shocked by Angelina Jolie's humanitarian award. But let's not forget that she is heavily involved with refugees and with the United Nations, and her family alone shows her humanitarian efforts. She is also an Oscar-winning actress, and a huge presence in the industry. So long story short, this is not entirely a shock to me, nor is it undeserved, but I'm sure some people will give her flack. The biggest crime here is one that has be perpetrated over the last several years, and that is that none of these will be presented at the Oscar ceremony. They have time for a musical tribute that is really a tribute to the producers, and for the holy host of mindless skits and extra long host monologues, but not enough time to honor legends in the field? That really is shame. So here is the list:

Honorary Oscars
Angela Lansbury
Steve Martin
Piero Tosi

Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
Angelina Jolie

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