Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014 Emmy Predictions: Best Miniseries

Will Win - Fargo

Should Win - Fargo

Could Win - American Horror Story: Coven

Commentary - I kind of feel bad for American Horror Story. It finally has the luxury of not having to compete with the big HBO movies like Behind the Candelabra or Game Change because the the Television Academy finally restored the two individual program categories instead of combining them. But American Horror Story still cannot catch a break. Even when True Detective moved over the Drama (which I still think was not a smart move in terms of winning the top prize, it would have had a much better shot than its brutal battle with Breaking Bad and House of Cards), it looks like the Ryan Murphy-led anthology series will have to wait its turn once again. Fargo was an excellent miniseries, which, like its FX counterpart, will become an anthology series. It was raved by critics, beloved by fans, and completely stole any buzz that American Horror Story had going into the spring. I think Fargo takes this in a walk, while the producers of True Detective look on, wishing they had chosen a different tact.

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