Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 Emmy Predictions: Best Drama Series

Will Win - Breaking Bad

Should Win - Breaking Bad

Could Win - True Detective or House of Cards

Commentary - People say that Breaking Bad cannot win because it aired so long ago. And yes, that could be a significant factor. And yet, all these months later, as AMC is reliving the entire series through their Breaking Bad Binge, those last couple of episodes seems to be all anybody can talk about. Breaking Bad was a cultural phenomenon, it was as addicting as the drugs that these characters sold and cooked, it was and will always remain one of the greatest drama series to ever air on television. True Detective is the new, shiny toy, and did well at the Creative Arts Emmys showing a lot of support. Plus HBO is hungry to win this prize again, that is why they moved it into this category instead of Miniseries. And House of Cards is a political heavyweight with genuine movie stars and a killer premise.  But I think both will have to just wait one more year. I think that this industry recognizes the need to honor Breaking Bad one more time, and least I hope they do.

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