Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

2014 Nomination Predictions
Andre Braugher "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Ty Burrell "Modern Family"
Jesse Tyler Ferguson "Modern Family"
Tony Hale "Veep"
Ed O'Neill "Modern Family"
Eric Stonestreet "Modern Family"

Other Contenders - Adam Driver "Girls", Christopher Evan Welch "Silicon Valley", Beau Bridges "The Millers", Simon Helberg "The Big Bang Theory", Kunal Nayyar "The Big Bang Theory", Neil Patrick Harris "How I Met Your Mother", Chris Colfer "Glee", Timothy Simons "Veep", Matt Walsh "Veep", Nick Offerman "Parks & Recreation", Max Greenfield "New Girl", Lamorne Morris "New Girl", Terry Crews "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", Joe Lo Truglio "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", Jeremy Allan White "Shameless", Keegan Michael Key "Key and Peele", Jordan Peele "Key and Peele"

Commentary - Last year, Eric Stonestreet was shockingly left off the list of six. So does that make him vulnerable this year? Definitely. Once the Emmy voters have moved on, it is hard to get back in. But I think that Modern Family had a creative resurgence this year, and anybody who watched that wedding episode would be stupid not to put both Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson on their list. I think Emmy voters will do just that. In fact, I think that Modern Family did so well this year that all four of the major cast members will return to this race, bumping out some previous nominees including last year's nominee Adam Driver. Driver is still a huge threat, Girls had a good season, and he has had a lot of press since he joined the cast of the new Star Wars film. But I think there are too many names ahead of him this year. I do think that last year's surprise winner Tony Hale will return to the race. The writers on Veep clearly recognized how beloved Hale and his character are, so they really amped up his funny this year, and I think it will be rewarded. So who potentially replaced Driver? I think that man is Andre Braugher. He shocked everybody a couple of years ago when he got back to back nominations for Men of a Certain Age, reminding everyone that he is clearly a popular actor with Emmy voters. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set to rack up some big nominations come July 10th, and I think Braugher is one of their shoo-ins. Besides Driver there are plenty of other talented actors looking to make it in the race. If the guys at HBO had submitted Christopher Evan Welch as a guest, I think he would have easily got a nomination. But alas, they are gunning for the bigger prize, and the nostalgic factor of the late Welch, plus his quirky performance could pay off. Beau Bridges is a lock for a Guest nomination this year for Masters of Sex, but like Margo Martindale, he is so popular that even a nomination for The Millers is not out of the question. Neil Patrick Harris returns as this year for hosting last year's Tony Awards (most likely), but he could also get one final nod for the last season of How I Met Your Mother. Also look out for Nick Offerman, the guys of Veep, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Big Bang Theory, Chris Colfer, and Jeremy Allan White, who got a surprise Critics Choice nomination.

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