Monday, June 23, 2014

2014 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Guest Actor and Guest Actress in a Drama Series

Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series - 2014 Nomination Predictions
Beau Bridges "Masters of Sex"
Dan Bucatinsky "Scandal"
Paul Giamatti "Downton Abbey"
Harry Hamlin "Mad Men"
Nathan Lane "The Good Wife"
Robert Morse "Mad Men"

Other Contenders - Joe Morton "Scandal", Pedro Pascal "Game of Thrones", John Benjamin Hickey "The Good Wife", Dylan Baker "The Good Wife", Ray Romano "Parenthood", Jeremy Davies "Justified", Walton Goggins "Sons of Anarchy", Jason Ritter "Parenthood", Elliott Gould "Ray Donovan", James Woods "Ray Donovan", Chris Messina "The Newsroom", Hamlish Linkalter "The Newsroom", James Wolk "Mad Men", Ben Feldman "Mad Men", Bradley Whitford "Law & Order: SVU", Reg E. Cathey "House of Cards", Michael Bowen "Breaking Bad", Eddie Izzard "Hannibal", Shaun Toub "Homeland", Louis Gossett Jr. "Boardwalk Empire"

Commentary - This is a category that usually has a lot of turnover, but it, and its counterpart look to keep a lot of returning favorites as nominees. Nathan Lane was a double nominee last year, and many thought he would be again this year. But Modern Family has not submitted him for his role of Pepper (which was a surprising move considering he had a winning episode this season). But I do think he will return for The Good Wife, which has had its best season yet, and the buzz for the show, and particularly its fantastic cast are at an all time high. Last year's winner Dan Bucatinsky was a surprise for many (not me, I felt it coming), but now know one will be underestimating him as he returns again to try to win a second. I thought this was the year that Robert Morse would finally miss the cut, but then his character has an incredible episode, and now I think he could actually win (although he will have to overcome the Mad Men acting curse to do so). And while I think Harry Hamlin is a shaky sixth slot right now, he is a popular actor, and a previous nominee, and even though no Mad Men actor has ever won an Emmy, they always seem to be nominated. Finally, I think two newcomers will enter the race, although there is nothing new about either of them. Paul Giamatti guest starred on the season finale of Downton Abbey opposite Shirley MacLaine. After her snub last year (and I presume snub this year), I am a little nervous to predict him. But he is a genuine film star, and an Emmy winner. I think he gets in. Finally, I think that one of the locks this season in terms of a nomination is Beau Bridges. He is a fine actor, but let's face it, the Television Academy voters have gone out of their way to nominated him, even for roles or shows that were not that great (which definitely makes him a threat for The Millers as well). But his role on the first season of Masters of Sex, opposite Allison Janney was actually fantastic. So I think that the three-time Emmy winner, out of thirteen nominations, will earn a deserved fourteenth. Beyond these six there is a lot of competition. Joe Morton could join Bucatinsky for Scandal, and honestly deserves that slot over this co-star. Pedro Pascal had an outstanding turn of this season of Game of Thrones, and the show added some acting nominations last year, so the acting branch is paying attention. Also be on the lookout for Dylan Baker, Jeremy Davies, Walton Goggins, Jeremy Davies, Elliott Gould, James Woods, and Bradley Whitford as potential spoilers.

Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series - 2014 Nomination Predictions
Jane Fonda "The Newsroom"
Allison Janney "Masters of Sex"
Lisa Kudrow "Scandal"
Margo Martindale "The Americans"
Carrie Preston "The Good Wife"
Diana Rigg "Game of Thrones"

Other Contenders - Marcia Gay Harden "The Newsroom", Julianne Nicholson "Masters of Sex", Kate Mara "House of Cards", Patricia Arquette "Boardwalk Empire", Dianne Wiest "The Blacklist", Shirley MacLaine "Downton Abbey", Kate Burton "Scandal", Charlotte Rampling "Dexter", Debbie Allen "Grey's Anatomy", Gillian Anderson "Hannibal", Khandi Alexander "Scandal", Jane Alexander "The Blacklist", CCH Pounder "Sons of Anarchy", Drea de Mateo "Sons of Anarchy", Mary Steenburgen "Justified", Roseanne Arquette "Ray Donovan"

Commentary - Like I mentioned before, this is a category that surprisingly could have little turnover. I definitely expect Jane Fonda to get back in for The Newsroom, if for no other reason than she is Jane Fonda. And she does have a great episode that could challenge the presumed front runner. Margo Martindale is a bit weaker this year, but a lot of people are expecting an Americans surge (I'm still not confident), and she is a proven Emmy favorite. Carrie Preston, deservedly, but not shockingly, won an Emmy last year for The Good Wife. She had another great season, and there have been hints that once True Blood is over, she could become a full-blown cast member. Either way, I think she gets another nod to honor her work. Finally, I think Diana Rigg will return for her scene-stealing turn on Game of Thrones, as the buzz for that show only grows louder. That leaves only two slots for new contenders, and there are a lot people fighting for them. Marcia Gay Harden is an Oscar winner, and has a great turn in The Newsroom. Julianne Nicholson made a name for herself against the titans of August: Osage County. She is great in Masters of Sex, but her role is not huge, and is a bit too subdued. Nonetheless, don't count her out. Kate Mara had another great season of House of Cards, Dianne Wiest plays a crazy woman in The Blacklist, Shirley MacLaine could avenge her snub last year, and veterans such as Debbie Allen, Kate Burton, Charlotte Rampling, Gillian Anderson, CCH Pounder, and Jane Alexander all have worthy turns. But I think that the two to watch for are Allison Janney and Lisa Kudrow. Kudrow is an Emmy-winner for Friends, and has made a name for herself in comedy. But it is her dramatic turn in Scandal that could bring her back into the Emmy fold. But the one to watch for is Allison Janney who just won two Critics Choice Television Awards for her awesome television season. She could easily win two Emmys as well, and damn does she deserve it.

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