Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries

2014 Nomination Predictions
Benedict Cumberbatch "Sherlock: His Last Vow"
Chiwetel Ejiofor "Dancing on the Edge"
Idris Elba "Luther"
Martin Freeman "Fargo"
Mark Ruffalo "The Normal Heart"
Billy Bob Thornton "Fargo"

Other Contenders - Christopher Plummer "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight", Jeremy Irons "The Hollow Crown", Paul Adelstein "Return to Zero", Rob Lowe "Killing Kennedy", Dominic West "Burton and Taylor", Jeremy Irons "The Hollow Crown", Ben Whishaw "The Hollow Crown", Tom Hiddleston "The Hollow Crown", Dylan McDermott "Hostages", Wendell Pierce "Treme", Clarke Peters "Treme", Larry David "Clear History".

Commentary - There is a three-way race brewing for the win here between Mark Ruffalo, the emotional center of The Normal Heart, which is surely the one to beat in the TV Movie category; Billy Bob Thornton, the kick-ass bad ass of Fargo, whose every second on screen, even the ones where he is quiet, grabs your attention; and Martin Freeman, who many would discount up against his co-star, but unlike this co-star, he has an emotional arc from good guy to bad guy that may be compelling to actors. Make no mistake, this will be a fight to the finish. But the three guys who fill out the race will not be one to scoff at, not with the lineup of talented potentials from the pool. Benedict Cumberbatch seems like he will always be a bridesmaid in this category, but he is probably a guaranteed nominee for the foreseeable future. After his Oscar nomination this year for 12 Years a Slave, the name Chiwetel Ejiofor is on a lot of people's minds. While Dancing on the Edge wasn't a masterpiece, it was solid work, and he was fantastic as always. I think he is a shoo-in for a nod. The final slot could be interesting. I actually pretty confident on picking Idris Elba. Luther has always been popular with the voters, and he is a great actor that is clearly well-liked among his peers. Despite my confidence, he does have incredible competition. Christopher Plummer is just legendary enough to overcome the stale reception to Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight. The Hollow Crown is a massive British period production (which Americans in general eat up like candy), and its three stars, Jeremy Irons, Ben Whishaw, and Tom Hiddleston are popular, talented, and well-respected thespians. Rob Lowe playing John Kennedy is certain to spark some votes, and other contenders such as Paul Adelstein, Dylan McDermott, Dominic West, and the leads of Treme are all angling to break through. It will be an interesting race to watch.

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