Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 Daytime Emmy Predictions: Best Writing Team

Will Win/Should Win - Days of Our Lives

Could Win - The other two

Commentary - I really don't watch many soaps, I catch a few episodes, just to make sure I'm up to date. Y&R is the one I am most familiar with, but I think that this new EP has screwed a few too many of the story lines, forcing some bad writing to cover her tracks. It is still the best show of the bunch, because of its cast and its legacy, but this year I think the Emmys are going to go with Days of Our Lives, and I actually think that is the better choice. The folks over at DOOL (Thanks Joey for that reference) have worked incredibly hard to improve their stories, bring in viewers, and spike their ratings, and whatever the end result, whether it continues to survive or thrive, it was well worth the effort.

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